1st of the Coveted Clientele – Adinay!

Meet Adinay!

The very first in my ‘Big-league’ Little ones, Adinay is a star by himself. This mama’s boy, although shy in the beginning,turned out to be a delightfully mischeivious little man. I have had the priviledge of capturing this sweet boy on his 1st Birthday and Oh what joy it was! I am thankful to Nandini and Sumit, who let me into their beautiful world, to create amazing moments of joy.

So I present to you Adinay- The Little Dude with Big Attitude!

Hey u!

Hey u!

I made momma very happy

I make momma very happy!

A Very Happy Family

A Very Happy Family

Up , Up and Away!

Up , Up and Away!

Wow...looking for mee...

Wow…looking for mee…

Aww....the innocence

Aww….the innocence

Attitude huh!

Attitude huh!




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