Holi Hai !!!

Happy HOLI my friends!

Today is Holi. This festival of Colours & Love, is celebrated by Hindus all over, to mark the end of winters & welcome spring. It is as Beautiful, Colourful & Full of life, as the season Spring. On this day, the streets are brimming with excited children, hippi-happy youngsters and oldies who’ve shed their aged coats, all busy playing Holi. There’s Happiness and Joy all around.

For me, it’s another reason to get together with my family and friends, play with colours, eat yummy food and just spray some more joy into my life. This year, I am sharing my joy with you all through my photographs. Hope this Holi brings the most beautiful colours into your Life too!

Cheers & Joy, Always!

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Holi//Happyholi

Happy Holi everyone

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Holi//ready

Ready to go.

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Holi//palette

The Palette!

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Holi//Colouronwheels

Colour on Wheels

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Holi//colourful

The most colourful…always

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Holi//waterguns

Water Guns!

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Holi//Criminallycoloured

Criminally Coloured!

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Holi//rangeen

Totally Rangeen

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Holi//Ready to fire

Ready to Fire


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