Meet Avyakt , the sweetest one…


Say hello to this cutie patootie Avyakt! A born hero, this smarty has an attitude to match. Sumanth & Shilpa, thank you for making me a part of your celebrations and giving me the opportunity to capture Avyakt on his 1st birthday. Keep smiling and spreading your sweetness, you Lil Man.

Cheers & Joy, Always!

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Avyakt//smartypants

Mr. Smarty Pants!

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Avyakt//cutiepie

Cutie Patootie…

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Avyakt//Lookatme

Look at me….

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Avyakt//Helloo


Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Avyakt//HappyBirthday

Happy Birthday Avyakt!


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