Week of Love – A Flowery Affair (1)

Good Morning Monday!

As the title of my blog suggests, I am gonna go all Flowery on you today.

I spent an awesome Sunday morning at the Flower show in VJTI College, Mumbai. I am not much into gardening, but I totally & completely appreciate the beauty of plants. My mommy has been into it forever and that exposure might be the reason for my inclination towards capturing the beauty of flora in general. It’s been ages that I have been to a flower show and what a welcome change it was. I clicked and clicked, and I cannot not share those images of the perfection in God’s creations with you all.

Also, I feel that flowers are an integral form of expression of our lives. They are conspicuously present on all important occasions like birthdays, weddings, birth etc. They convey feelings of Love, friendship, success, health, illness as well as loss, all too well. So I have decided to dedicate this whole week of Love, to the Goodness and Beauty of these little wonders. Be there and feel the Love.

Cheers & Joy, Always.

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//WeekofLove-Floweryaffair//Web of love

Web of Love

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//WeekofLove-Floweryaffair//Uniquely Brown

Uniquely Brown!!!

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//WeekofLove-Floweryaffair//White n wonderful

White and wonderful

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//WeekofLove-Floweryaffair//Delicat


Cooes N Cuddles Photography//WeekofLove-Floweryaffair//Yummy Yummy Nectar

Yummy Yummy Nectar

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//WeekofLove-Floweryaffair//Pinkkk


Cooes N Cuddles Photography//WeekofLove-Floweryaffair//The ant attack

The Ant Attack

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//WeekofLove-Floweryaffair//In all shapes and sizes

In all shapes n sizes…

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//WeekofLove-Floweryaffair//Riot of colours

Riot of colours


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