My Gastronomical Adventures!


I am a self proclaimed gastronome and I enjoy cooking and eating every form of fine food. So my travels are in part gastronomical adventures, in search of local delicacies. My blog post today belongs to my vacation series, as I bring to you the gastronomical stories and delights of Mexico. This post might trigger your foodie instincts and you might just pack your bags and head to this very spicy, yummy & colourful wonder of this world. Enjoy Mexico!

Cheers & Joy, Always!

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//MyGastronomicaladventures//Hot&Spicy

Hot & Spicy!

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//MyGastronomicaladventures//Perfect Ingredients

Perfect Basic Ingredients

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//MyGastronomicaladventures//Guacamole

Gua… wow…camole …

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//MyGastronomicaladventures//VeryFishyindeed

Very Fishy indeed…

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//MyGastronomicaladventures//Balanced Meal

A Truly Balanced Meal

Cooes N Cuddles Photography//MyGastronomicaladventures//My sweet cravings

My Sweet Cravings


2 thoughts on “My Gastronomical Adventures!

  1. Your photos are great… I got back from my first visit to Mexico last month, and I’m going to try to recreate some of the food I tried. Guacamole I’ve actually made before, but had some really good examples during my trip so I’m going to try it again. I’ve started doing some web research today – finding out how to make refried beans (including what type of beans to use).

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