I am a Mechanical Engineer/ Corporate woman turned Photographer, who believes in narrating her story through the confines of her viewfinder. I am an imaginative & fresh photographer with a passion for beautiful portraits. My Love for children and appreciation of the innumerable special moments in their early years inspired me to venture into the beautiful genre of Child Photography. According to me, every child poses a different kind of challenge and overcoming those challenges makes me a better photographer, one click at a time. As a photographer, I am always on a quest to capture the miracle of my subjects, making moments that make everyone smile.

Also an avid traveller I quench my thirst for travel photography by travelling within my own city/state/country/world. I believe in capturing everything that is beautiful and a reflection of what we are gonna experience there. So hang on to your seats and travel with me.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. What an amazing blog you have.. Each photo has a story in itself to say..

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and that way I could find you..

    Seems I am gonna disturb you now and forever with photography tips and techniques.. 😉 Hope you don’t mind.. 🙂

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  2. It’s really amazing how we start off with one profession and branch off into another that brings us so much satisfaction. I guess life is a journey with a lot of twists and turns……never knowing what is hiding around the corner. Only the positive ones anticipates the presents under the tree, like a ripe apple filled with nourishment and all of life’s sweetness.

    By the way thanks for the follow. Hope you visit often. I am going to start posting recipes on my other blog that I just started…….http://michaelsfoodpix.blogspot.com if that is of any Interest to you kindly visit,.in a day or two I will post my first recipe.

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  3. Micheal… I loved ur food pix… beautiful..
    Would love to see your food blog and of course learn more from it. Why don’t you put up some tips on food photography too.
    Thanks for visiting … visit again!


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