This is one of the best quotes I’ve heard lately. Sometimes all you actually need is a Smile to make this world a better place.

“The robbed that Smiles, steals something from the thief”

-Willian Shakespeare

CooesNCuddles//Smile//Smile more!

Smile more!

Cheers & Joy, Always!


Happy Women’s Day!

Here’s wishing all the beautiful Women out there a very Pink Women’s Day !

cooesncuddles//happ women day//live life queen size

Live Life Queen Size!

Cheers & Joy, Always!


Focus Focus Focus!!!

Need I say anything!



Cheers & Joy, Always!


Coffee Time!

Coffee is always a Good idea! As simple as that.

Cheers & Joy, Always!



Welcome to my world!


I am Anushri and Welcome to my world!

An engineer by profession, I have spent a good 10 years working in the heavy engineering field …wow … That’s kind of heavy to handle, literally. However, my passion lay someplace else. Born to very creative and artistic parents, I always had an artistic bent and wanted to pursue my passion professionally.

I was blessed with a baby boy an year back, who is not just the apple of my eye but is also my inspiration to follow my heart. His coming into this world was a perfect time for me to take some time off from my job and explore my creative side a bit more. A passionate photographer, I loved capturing my son’s special moments, those little advances & the all important milestones to cherish them in the future.

Also being the artsy craftsy kinds, I have always been into handmade cards, gifts etc. for my near and dear ones. For the first birthday of my son, I decided to combine his photographs & my skill with crafts to create this amazing scrap book for him, 100% handmade by me. Here’s a sneak peek…..

Adhrit's 1st year

Adhrit’s 1st year

Ok…. so coming back, with my son, was born the idea for my new venture.My passion for crafts & photography and my total love for kids when churned together in the mixer of my brain,finally gave me this beautiful cocktail “COOESNCUDDLES” photography.

CooesnCuddles is a 100% baby/kids photography solution.Their birth, special occasions, no-occasions,anything u want to be clicked, I am here baby! I ll focus on their magic through my lens & capture everlasting moments of joy!

I now officially welcome you to COOESNCUDDLES -capturing the Miracle for now and forever!

My trysts with my coveted clientele in the posts to follow….