Review – Canon EF 28mm f1.8 USM

Hello you all,

Hope you all had a fantafabulous weekend like me! I spent the weekend with my family and some awesome friends in Lonavla, a hill station near Mumbai. I also got myself the Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 USM lens, and I am sharing some pics I clicked with my new lens.

As for my review of the same, I just loved the lens. This lens with a moderate wideangle, gives great results in almost all kinds of shots. Images come out very clear and sharp. At wider aperture, the bokeh effect is impressive. In terms of built, it is small, compact, lightweight & easy to use. The smooth manual focus is a big plus.

I will be sharing more pictures soon. For now, enjoy these.

Cheers & Joy, Always!Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Canon28mmf1.8//sunshine Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Canon28mmf1.8//Pretty Cooes N Cuddles Photography//Canon28mmf1.8//beautifulCooes N Cuddles Photography//Canon28mmf1.8//AwesomelysharpCooes N Cuddles Photography//Canon28mmf1.8//TalkingtomeCooes N Cuddles Photography//Canon28mmf1.8//Singlenhappy


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